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    Designer tote bags for women

    We know how important it is for you to have a bag that has all the necessary pockets and enough space to carry everything you need.

    But, also, we want your bag to become your best accessory, fashionable and functional, complementing your outfit for a unique and incredible style.

    Our designer tote bags for women have many features that make them the best option in the market, and we have a lot of designs to suit every particular taste.

    Features of our designer tote bags for women

    Starting with the first thing, they are more than versatile. They are large and roomy, allowing you to store almost anything you need and use them for different types of occasions such as for work, to go to school, or to take everything along to the beach and many more options.

    All of our tote bags for women come with an internal zippered pocket, allowing you to securely store what matters most to you. They come with short adjustable leather knotted straps and one more strap, also adjustable in leather but, much longer so you can carry it the way you feel most comfortable.

    The lining of our designer tote bags is made of 100% cotton and we only work with vegetable tanned leather, dyed with aniline dyes to give it that unique color.

    This is a process that allows us to manufacture a much thicker and characterful leather, obtaining a more resistant and much more attractive result. Also, it gives it that peculiar and impressive classic leather smell.

    Why choose Mecha Mendez?

    Nowadays, less than 10% of the leather in the world is worked the way we do it and for this reason, among many others, we continue to make a difference in the market and in the world.

    Another point that differentiates us from the rest is that all our products are handmade in our country, Argentina, and by Argentine artisans. This allows us to meticulously select our team and all the materials we use to continue with the same quality as from the first day.

    Last but not least. At Mecha Mendez we have a purpose, to help and save our beautiful and unique planet. That is why, every time we sell one of our products, we plant a native tree in the coastal rainforest, collaborating with the environment and raising awareness about the global warming situation that affects us all equally.

    Choose the tote bag you like the most and carry everything you need wearing a unique style while helping to save the planet.