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    Designer crossbody bags for women

    We know well that both backpacks and fanny packs have great functionality and provide a unique style but, undoubtedly, there is nothing better than a classic designer crossbody bag for women to enhance any look. In addition to being lightweight and practical, they also provide plenty of space to carry everything you need.

    Features of our designer crossbody bags for women

    Our designer crossbody bags are easy to wear and carry, fit everything, cell phone, wallet, keys, makeup, etc. and look amazing with anything you wear. Also, for the convenience of our customers, they come with a long, adjustable strap but at the same time, bring short, adjustable, braided or knotted straps to suit all your looks and styles.

    We care as much about looks as we do about security, so all of our crossbody bags for women come with an internal zippered pocket and magnetic closure to hold what matters most. The lining of our designer crossbodys bags is made of 100% cotton and we only work with vegetable tanned leather, dyed with aniline dyes to give it that unique color. 

    This is a process that allows us to manufacture a much thicker and characterful leather, obtaining a more resistant and visually more attractive result. It also gives it that peculiar and impressive classic leather smell. 

    Why choose Mecha Mendez?

    One of the points that differentiates us from the rest is that all our products are handmade, in our own country Argentina, by Argentine artisans. This allows us to carefully select all the materials to be used, and to continue working with the same team we have trusted for so many years.

    At Mecha Mendez, we want each and every woman to be able to wear an incredible look with enough space to carry everything they need. That's why we have the best, different and most varied designer crossbody bags for women. So that everyone can choose and enjoy the one they like the most and that best suits each one of them.

    Nowadays, less than 10% of the world works with vegetable tanned leather achieving those unique and unrepeatable finishes but, as we mentioned before, we do, and for this, among many other things, we continue to make a difference in the market while helping the planet.

    Let's help our planet

    Last but not least, the purpose we have is to contribute to our beautiful and unique planet. That's why, every time we sell one of our products, we plant a native tree on the litoral jungle, collaborating with the environment and raising awareness about the global warming situation that affects us all equally.

    Show a unique style, carry all the essentials and much more with our designer crossbody bags for women and help us save the planet.